Software consultancy for complex environments

Strategy — Architecture — Modelling

About us

We are a boutique consultancy, consisting of a group of experts across Europe. We're founded by Mathias Verraes in April 2021.

We help you align software architecture with business strategy, product vision, and organisation.

Our lens is epistemic: we help you expose the hidden complexity in your domain, through modelling and mapping. No easy answers, because we're not here for the easy problems. We consult, we train, we coach; tactics, strategy, optionality. You'll learn to fish, you'll build better nets, and you'll learn to map the waters.

We have deep backgrounds in software, with experience reaching across domains such as finance, supply chain, healthcare, mobility, government, and retail. Besides our in-house expertise, we’ve built a large network of people in the software architecture and design community, that we rely on for bringing specific expertises to an engagement.

We organise Domain-Driven Design Europe since 2016, the world’s largest conference on the topic.

Contact us at contact@aardling.eu