Working with Legacy

With a sound strategy and well-understood domain models at hand, what rests is turning that into working software.

We live and breathe models. Most organisations employ generalist engineers, and domain models are but a small part of what they do. Our consultants have a software engineering background, but focus on modelling and implementing models with your team. This way, you can ensure that the heart of your system is high quality and preserve model integrity.

How it works:
  1. We build a codebase that expresses the problem domain clearly, making communication between your users, domain experts, and engineers more fluent.

  2. We implement the model in your programming language and paradigm, be it EventSourcing, Object-Oriented Programming, or Functional Programming.

  3. We work with your domain experts to continuously evolve and adapt the models as new insights and opportunities arise.

  1. We support your team to integrate the model into your existing tech stack.

  2. We provide comprehensive test suites to ensure the quality remains high over time.

  3. We build extension points into our designs, so you can easily add new business rules and processes later.

  4. We document domain concepts and teach your team how to use and evolve the models.

With our delivery approach, you’ll have a system that expresses the problem domain clearly. While we can’t predict the future needs of your business, a great domain model will make it easy to evolve it to address new opportunities.

Let’s discuss how we can implement your domain into code

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