Domain Modelling

Untangle complex business domains and build rich domain models.

What ends up in the software is not what your customers want, it’s not what your sales team promised, it’s not what your analysts wrote in the specs. It’s the engineers’ understanding of the domain that determines the software design.

Domain Discovery is how we bridge the knowledge gap. We ask the smart (and the naive) questions, we observe like anthropologists, we dig like archaeologists. We expose how people want business processes to work, and how they work. We uncover ambiguities in the domain language. We find the edge cases, the awkward scenarios where nobody really knows what’s supposed to happen.

Domain Modelling organises this knowledge. Rich domain models consist not just of the entities and relationships in the system, but express the behaviours, the business rules, the processes, the constraints, the strategies, and the expansion points.

Drawing different models for the same problem gives us new angles, and reduces the risk of coming up with solutions that don’t survive the encounter with reality.

Aardling experts help you identify boundaries for different parts of the model, keeping in mind the dependencies and communication paths between models. Good boundaries allow to evolve models autonomously. This makes it easier to adapt them to new discoveries and opportunities.

With shared models between your engineering teams and domain experts, you can deliver the value your customers expect.

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