Software strategy

Achieving quality in software development can be challenging: different stakeholders may have different priorities, architects may have their preferred approaches, and teams may not be optimised for new challenges.

As a technology leader, you know what a high-performing organisation looks like:

  • Your teams work on well-defined areas of the system, and understand what capabilities they own and what they need to defer to other teams. Their cognitive load is kept in check.

  • Modernisation efforts are chosen not on a whim, but because they enable future product expansion.

  • System architecture finds a balance between high level consistency, but allows for local decision making.

  • The most business-critical parts of the system are well understood and expresses the domain expert’s mental models.

These aspects are interrelated, from legacy designs to internal politics, knowledge transfer to product vision, software architecture to engineer retention. A holistic strategic view can help you achieve your goals.

Software needs strategy, and strategy needs to be holistic.

Aardling works with leaders across your organisation to uncover deep shared insights in challenges and opportunities, and understand how they impact the software.

We use techniques like Context Mapping, Wardley Mapping, Team Topologies, North Star Framework, Proposition Value Canvas, Decision-Making Theory, and custom formats to uncover your constraints.

With these large-scale visualisations, we lay bare the hidden interconnections, and derive a software strategy that works for you.

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