Aardling at NewCrafts 2023 in Paris


Aardling Consultants Gien Verschatse, Thomas Coopman, and Mathias Verraes are speaking at the NewCrafts conference in Paris.

NewCrafts is an annual software development conference, taking place in Paris, France on May 25-26 2023.

Over the course of two days, NewCrafts focuses not only on building software, but reflects on how we craft it. It offers engaging presentations from experts, hands-on workshops, and invaluable conversations that continue all day long.

NewCrafts invited three Aardling consultants to speak at the event:

Gien Verschatse will present "Product and Tech: 4 weddings and a funeral". There's a prevalent belief in the software community that everything needs to be a product, and that this mindset is the best way to deliver value to customers. But is this true? Verschatse will introduce "streamlets" and how they help thinking in products & teams.

Thomas Coopman will do a "Domain Modelling Coding Hands-on" session. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to apply their existing coding skills while improving their domain modelling skills in a hands-on environment. Coopman will provide you with domain knowledge and scenarios to design a working model.

Mathias Verraes, Aardling's founder, will discuss "Bounded Contexts: Manage the Understandability of Your Systems". We've always used modularisation as a way to manage complexity in software. And yet, we still end up with big balls of mud. Perhaps technical separation isn’t cutting it. We’ve also tried separating into business domains, but that’s not enough either: software wants to be deeply interconnected, spanning different domains, and doesn’t respect those boundaries.

Bounded Contexts provide an alternative. We can separate semantically, looking at the domain models that underlie our systems, the language being used, and the meanings of terms. We can draw “understandability boundaries”: separations that look at how concepts in our system are understood together (or can be understood autonomously). If we organise the teams along the same lines, they need to understand fewer concepts to be productive, they lower cognitive load, and need less coordination with other teams.

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Aardling supports NewCrafts with conference consulting and logistics. As organisers of Domain-Driven Design Europe and Full Stack Europe, we specialise in tech conferences and communities, and understand their unique demands.