Aardling at the Copenhagen Developers Festival in August


Maxime Sanglan-Charlier, Gien Verschatse and Mathias Verraes will be present at the Copenhagen Developers Festival on August 28 with a workshop and talks

Gien Verschatse and Mathias Verraes will collaborate and present at the Copenhagen Developer's Festival the talk titled "Bounded Contexts: Manage the Understandability of Your Systems".

In this talk, you will learn how modularisation has been used as a way to manage complexity in software and understand why technical separation alone isn’t enough. Software wants to be deeply interconnected, spanning different domains, and doesn’t respect those boundaries.

Bounded Contexts provide an alternative to splitting on domains or on technical modules. We can separate by looking at the semantics. The domain models that underlie our systems, the language that is being used, and the meanings of the terms. We can draw “understandability boundaries”: separations that look at how concepts in our system are understood together (or can be understood autonomously). If we organise the teams along the same lines, then team members will need to understand fewer concepts to be productive. Teams will need less coordination with other teams. Having better semantic boundaries lowers the cognitive load.

Maxime Sanglan-Charlier will present alongside Nick Tune their workshop "Strategic Domain-Driven Design: Analysis, Architecture, and Modelling" and talk "From Domain Boundaries to Software Architecture".

In this two day course, intended for beginner and intermediate DDD practitioners, they will show you how to bridge the gap between business needs and software architecture. This is a highly-practical and hands-on workshop where you will be working in groups to analyze scenarios, identify design smells, and apply strategic DDD principles and patterns to design and evolve architectures.

In their talk, they will show how you can map out a business domain, organise it into subdomains, and design a software architecture aligned to the domain boundaries. The talk will cover a range of tools and techniques from the Domain-Driven Design space, including Event Storming, Domain Message Flow Modelling, the Bounded Context Canvas, and Core Domain Charts.