How Aardling Deals with Complex Software Environments


  • Strategy
  • Domain modelling
  • Software Decision-Making

Aardling helps organisations ranging from nimble scale-ups to Fortune 500s, across industries like finance, automotive, and logistics, to tackle the complex, multi-faceted problems that bog down software efforts.

Why do they choose Aardling to help untangle their software efforts?

From day one, we’ve made it our mission to focus on complex challenges. We’ve observed common hurdles our clients share:

  • Navigating a labyrinth of legacy systems and third party integrations.

  • Lack of knowledge transfer to engineers, and knowledge loss due to engineer turnover.

  • Evolving the software while dealing with contractual obligations, compliance, technical constraints, budgeting.

  • Evolving the software becomes more difficult over time.

A Holistic Approach

Software isn’t designed in a vacuum. It's intricately connected to your business strategy, organisational structure, product vision, decision-making processes, and company culture.

These factors impact your ability to produce top-tier software. Crafting a brilliant software architecture is meaningless if it doesn’t harmonise with the context.

Aardling is, at its core, a software modelling and design company, but we delve deeper. We understand that managing the context is crucial for sustainable software delivery.

Our expertise sets us apart from typical software consultancies. While we all of us at Aardling share a strong software engineering background, we also leverage modelling and mapping techniques, complex adaptive systems theory, decision-making approaches, and collaborative software design practices.

Modelling to Cope with Complexity

Complex problems are complex precisely because they defy simple explanations. They don't yield to one-size-fits-all solutions, conventional frameworks, or simplistic design ideologies.

Instead, we must approach complex problems with an arsenal of different models and perspectives. We explore the intricate connections between software, organisational structures, culture, products, market, and business goals.

For example: If your contract with a customer constrains what the software can do, we’ll model the contract. If your industry is highly regulated, we’ll integrate the regulation in the models. If your organisation is rife with politics, we’ll craft scenarios to help you create awareness and gain influence.

The Aardling Difference

With Aardling, you won’t get a simple, cookie cutter solutions that crumble in the face of real-world challenges. What you will get, are insights into your business domain that will help you build better software; profound perspectives on the environment in which you’re designing software; experiments you can learn from; and actionable strategies that will propel you forward.

Choose Aardling to untangle your most intricate software challenges and watch your business thrive in the face of complexity.